Privacy Policy

At Spark National, we are always concerned with making sure our customer's private information is secure and accurate. At any time, a Spark National customer may contact us to request that we disclose to them any information we have pertaining to them, and may ask us to update this information to ensure that it is accurate.

Personal Information

During the registration process, Spark National will collect personal information from a customer such as their name, phone number, and address. This collection process may take place over the phone, or electronically by means such as FAX, email, or an online form. Spark National may share this information with it's partners, such as Novell, to ensure customer satisfaction. Spark National, or it's partners, may use this information for the purpose of contacting the customer in future times to discuss products and services, or to evaluate customer satisfaction. Spark National will not knowingly disclose this information to a third party for any purpose other than that described below in the section named "Delinquent Payment Collection", without your consent.

Delinquent Payment Collection

In a case where a customer's account with Spark National has become delinquent, Spark National will occasionally enlist the service of a third party debt collection or legal agency. In such an event, Spark National will disclose only the information that is needed by the agency to collect payment from the customer. Such information would typically include the customers name, address, phone number, payment history, and a detailed statement of the delinquent invoices that are outstanding.

Our Web Site

As is typical, we log all requests to our servers. This means that we log the originating IP address (e.g. of the browser requesting each URL. We also log the referrer and user-agent information accompanied with an HTTP request. We do not log the specific identity of visitors. We occasionally analyze the log files to determine which files are most requested, and the previous site or user agent which prompted the request. Our logging is passive; we do not use technologies such as cookies to maintain any information on users.
Logged information is kept indefinitely as administrative and research material; it is not disclosed outside of Spark National personnel. Aggregate (completely non-identifying) statistics generated from these logs may be reported as part of research results.

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